Store Rite Logistics offers a vast and diverse range of services. Services can be tailored to each client’s individual needs in order to exceed your expectations!

Services include, but not limited to:
  • Containers both transportation and devanning
  • MPI transitional facility
  • Picking and packing of orders
  • Distribution both domestic and international
  • Storage
  • Inventory management
  • Food safety Certified
  • Labelling and relabeling
  • Office space

Store Rite Logistics offer a wide variety of storage options:

  • Racked, dry and secure storage
  • Bulk stacked storage, dry and secure
  • Overflow storage, dry and secure
  • Outside storage, secure only

All storage options are varied in their pricing, and dependant on volumes. Looking for indicate pricing guide? Fill in the online query here.

Store Rite Logistics can organise the brokering of your containers, and organise to get them to New Zealand from wherever your products may be coming from.

Store Rite Logistics organises container cartage. This is the collection of full containers from the wharf, and when finished, the delivery and de-hire of the container back to the shipping agent and vice versa.

Store Rite Logistics organise all aspects of your container work. We unpack, pack, count, stretch wrap, and inventory the containers, ready for distribution.

Items can be labelled to comply with New Zealand standards, if required, at a pre-negotiated rate.

Store Rite Logistics is a MAF-approved transitional facility with accredited persons on-site to supervise the unloading of containers.

Store Rite Logistics takes the security of your products very seriously. We have a monitored alarm, with random security patrols every day. We also have a fully functional CCTV network.

Store Rite Logistics has “Bailey’s Cover”. Please check with your insurance agent as to their needs regarding insurance of your products.

Store Rite Logistics offers various different pick and pack solutions to suit your needs. We pick orders authorised by the client, through any popular media (email, fax, PDF, MYOB, etc)

Store Rite Logistics is extremely accurate when picking orders, as we utilise a pick and check procedure. We can pick orders from per unit, per carton, up to the pallet load. We offer tailored, competitive pricing for all your needs.

Store Rite Logistics has a small fleet of Metro Auckland trucks that are dedicated to getting your large Auckland deliveries out and delivered, at a great price and when necessary.

We are able to utilize our trucks for urgent deliveries, and bigger jobs that require more tailored solutions.

Store Rite Logistics partners with specialist courier and freight providers with nationwide networks. They offer services such as multiple daily collections, up-to-the-minute tracking, and great delivery speeds.

A comprehensive pricing structure is available on application.

Store Rite Logistics utilises a computer system that allows us to manage, maintain and record all inventory movement. We are able to provide movement, costing, inventory and audit sheets. As well as a range of others.

Store Rite Logistics has a current food safety certificate, issued by Agriquality. We currently deal with a vast range of food products in every step of the supply chain.

Store Rite Logistics has the ability to label, mark and process any product. We offer a tailored price for each contract, so if this is a pre-requisite, please just ask.

Store Rite Logistics has office space available for lease, both short and long term. We can offer a fully furnished office or just space. Let us know your requirements!