Round 4 Pukekohe Park March 2019

Both Drivers were excited about Pukekohe and quite rightly so as it is after all the home of motor racing in NZ.

It wasn’t to be for Chris with his car dropping a bearing in practice on Friday but for Mathew all the stars lined up.

Qualifying first in his group Mathew led from the start until the safety car came out after an incident. Not having been in the lead position after a safety car lights go out , Mathew was a little slow to react (his words) and was swamped with other cars and relinquished the lead. Fighting hard to retain the lead Mathew achieved it albeit the car was knocked about by others who were chasing the glory. Finishing first Mathew used all his energy and was over whelmed to receive the chequered flag.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (his words again)

Race 2 was a reverse grid, Mathew started last and after fighting his way finished in 10th. Overall a great result for the weekend and Mathews first yellow cap.

Round 1 – 8th August Hampton Downs

First meeting of the season and Mathew in Car 62 had a fantastic weekend. He was dialled in finishing mid pack after some very close racing in race 1 and in race 2 he broke into the top 10 finishing 9th and earning some good point for the weekend. Mat had a smile so big all day Saturday you would think he had one bathhurst next to Peter Brock! Well Done Mat- great drive.

For me in race one I learnt that a full tank of gas is necessary even in a 33 minute race as you never know how long the safety car will be there for and petrol lights can be deceiving. In race 2 I learnt that I need to get off the start finish line quicker and improve my lines and “grow a pair” to get faster

Both of us had a great day and really enjoyed the racing not to mention the spring weather served up to us.

A big thanks to all our sponsors, we appreciate the support. Looking forward to Manfeild in 6 weeks time too.

Another test day on Saturday 25th of August and it was a good chance to iron out some final issues. Mats car was back after he replaced the engine and after some finishing touches from Auto Treads he was ready to go. He eased his car around the track for the morning session and by afternoon he was at a good pace so packed it in and went to the rugby. Absolutely stoked for Mat and the car that its come through testing okay.

I got more km’s in too doing around 40 laps of Pukekohe on the day. Still very nervous about it all I took it slowly and came off second in our personal battle with Mat going past me like I was standing still. On the day I shared the drive with Stephen (Fred) Fredrickson and our mechanic from Auto Treads Robert who was able to gauge the setup so we can add some speed.

We are both really looking forward to Hampton Downs Round 1 on the Saturday 8th of September. Here’s first pic’s of cars together.

On the 28th of July there was a test day at Hampton Downs so this allowed Chris to get some Kms in the car and take a few sponsors for a ride. The rain held off and we clocked up to nearly 200km of trouble free testing which will be valuable as the season progresses. Lessons from the day include, hydrate well and eat well as both were an epic failure which lead to dizziness and cramp at the end of the race day. Big thanks to Bob for the driver training and Noah for helping out on the day.

In 2018 Store Rite Racing has two cars entered in the North Island Series of the  2K Cup.

2K Cup is supposedly the forum for cheap motor racing but there really is no such thing as in 2017 we were up for 2 rebuilds as well as a number of other costs that taught us some good life lessons but in 2018 we are back.

Driver Profiles

#62 Mathew Randell

Mats second year in 2k Cup after a number of years in carts. 2017 was a year of learning for Mat and he did a lot of learning. He enjoyed the Manfield round and is looking forward to more miles in 2018.

#139 Chris O’Driscoll

Chris’ first year and another event that’s occurred during a mid life crisis now into its 8th year ! Having grown up with a lot of motor racing mates in Timaru, Chris is looking forward to getting behind the wheel in 2018.

Follow us and see how we go.